Eddie  Sisco

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Eddie Sisco

Eddie Sisco's life is a powerful story of perseverance, courage, and inspiration as he recovers from a head injury he received at age 16.

Since Eddie's auto accident on January 2, 1993 we have made efforts to share his progress through EDDIE's NEWSLETTER. To date, there have been 12 issues produced. Eddie suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in that accident (just a month after his 16th birthday).  He has had to learn everything all over again - from sitting up to eating and drinking. His story is a reminder to us all that we should appreciate the positive things in our lives and that all things are possible.

Eddie's attitude is tremendous - he enjoys each and every day. He has received a second chance in life and although his path will be very different, he has a bright future - one that will positively impact a great many people along the way.

This site is dedicated to sharing Eddie's story.


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Before the Accident

About the Accident & TBI

Early Recovery