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Hello again,
Life always seems to have a few interesting turns. This past year has been no exception to that. I changed companies twice, bought 2 new cars (both Mustang convertibles - long story), turned 50 (only once), had Lasik surgery on both eyes (no more glasses after 42 years), left my golf club and rejoined, and managed to create a few new websites for fun.

It has been rewarding watching Eddie be so eager to work. His attitude has always amazed me, and he looks forward to each day. I asked him one day if he got tired of saying, "Welcome to K-Mart" to everyone, and he replied, "Gosh no, Dad; I'm not like you." He is so right !!

I miss our late afternoon rounds of golf at Horseshoe Bend, but I still hope that it's in our future. Eddie begins a new therapy focus next week at Shepherd. Dorine and I are eager and hopeful that Eddie will be able to take another big step forward in being able to be more independent.

For some reason, Payne Stewart's untimely death hit me pretty hard. Even though I never met him, it reinforced that there are no guarantees in life and that you just never know what's around the corner.

                                                                         Take care,

Masters Day (4/00)

Feeding the geese

Eddie & Granny Violet - 3/00

Eddie & Aunt Marty 8/99

Eddie attends Camp

Eddie attended a three-day summer camp sponsored by Shepherd Center & The Brain Injury Association of Georgia in early August. His three-day break at Warm Springs, Georgia included all kinds of games, fishing, golf lessons, and recreational activities.

This is the first time Eddie has been able to be away from Mom and Dad since he came home from the accident.

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