"Eddie  Quotes"

- Try to think positive.
- If you're upset, chill out a bit
- What's important is what's in your heart
- Have as much fun as you can
- If you're having a good day, SMILE !!

Payne Stewart triumphed at the U.S. Open and at the Ryder Cup before losing his life in 1999. We are but a few who admired his golf achievements. He touched us all.

Eddie & Mom in the Mustang - July 2000

UPDATE  from Camp Hargrove !!!

Eddie completed his 3-day visit to Camp Hargrove before publishing this Newsletter. Thought you might like to hear how he made out so here are the highlights:

- Won the top prize in Bingo his first night. Eddie
   has always had a bit of luck about him.
- A comment after breakfast was, "My shorts
   won't even button; I think I ate too much."
- "Eddie was very comfortable with a golf club."
- Bowled a 77 and an 89.
- Painted 2 birdhouses in art group; "Granny may
   like this; hope the birds like the color."
- At the dance, Eddie said, "I've danced with more
   women than I have in my whole life."

It was pretty clear that Eddie thoroughly enjoyed himself. After we left him, Dorine went back into the Callaway cottage (pretty appropriate name) to give him his cane. He was already in the middle of the group having a great time and being very sociable as you would expect.

There was a Georgia Public TV crew there making a documentary. We may see more of Eddie's escapades later; we'll let you know.

Eddie relaxes at Jane/Terry's
April 2000

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