About the Accident & TBI

Eddie had finished a long afternoon at the golf course. He had been working on a special science project with the pro at the course to video the changes in the flight of the golf ball based on swing changes, stance, etc.

On January 2, 1993 Eddie was driving home on a curvy, hilly subdivision street. He was probably driving too fast and when watching his friends in the rear view mirror, a curve taken too quickly ended up flipping the car several times.

The cause of the accident we believe was due to:
     - Inexperience (had his license only 6 weeks)
     - Driving too fast for the conditions
     - Attention to the road was distracted

Eddie was the only person involved in the accident and the only one hurt. Two golf teammates who saw the accident immediately called 911 and then called us. As we entered the subdivision our worst nightmare began as we saw the paramedics helping Eddie. He was bloody and in a state of shock - it was to be the second worst moment of our lives. The quick response of the 911 call saved his life.

Eddie was rushed to North Fulton Hospital. We followed the ambulance not knowing whether our son would live or die.

In the emergency room we were finally able to see him. The doctors had already drilled a hole into his skull and placed a shunt in order to relieve the swelling of the brain - the major challenge Eddie would face for the next 3 1/2 weeks.  He was also put on life support apparatus to help him breathe and to monitor activity.

Eddie had a superficial cut along his left temple that would go away in about 10 days. His major problem was that he suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

He stayed in a coma for about 3 1/2 weeks in intensive care. Complications, ups and downs, worry, and uncertainty became the norm in our lives as we hoped and prayed for Eddie's recovery.

The doctors gave us very little hope of recovery. At one terrible point, they cautioned us that they were losing him - the worst moment of our life. If he lived, he was expected to have limited capability and likely to be totally dependant on us for the rest of his life.

Eddie has always exceeded expectations !!

About the Accident & TBI

What is Traumatic Brain Injury ?

TBI is one of the fastest growing handicaps - in fact, it's known as the silent epidemic. A brain injury can occur from a variety of causes:
    - injury from accident
    - aneurysm
    - stroke
    - illness

Every case is different. The brain is a very complex organ and little is actually understood about it  even though much has been learned in the past 20 years or so.

In Eddie's case he suffers from short term memory loss,  is prone to seizure, has left side impairment, doesn't always recognize when to do things, and is easily upset. While Eddie rarely has a "bad day", he has an ongoing challenge to manage his reactions to things.

Some facts:
   -  TBI occurs every 15 seconds
   -  There is no cure for TBI
   -  100,000 die each year of TBI
   -  Avg. age of survivors is 15-25 
   -  U.S. costs are $48 billion/year

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