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We have reached another milestone - Eddie's Newsletter is published on the Internet. We believe that this makes Eddie's information more available and with much less effort (copying, stamping, mailing, etc.). We can now

Golf Lessons with Tom Smith - Summer of '98

"Posture Eddie, posture !"

Eddie & Mom - just like the old days of Jr. golf

A special time on the practice range

Eddie is taking lessons again with his golf teacher and mentor. Tom Smith is the Head Pro at Horseshoe Bend Country Club and has had some great students over the years. Eddie respects Tom a lot and says, "Tom just knows how to handle me."

It's a long, hard road to reach our goal of 'walking 9 holes' of golf again. With work and help from friends like Tom, we hope to achieve it one day. Right now, Eddie still needs assistance to maintain his balance. He can hit a 3-wood about 100 yards, and still has that little hook - a very good sign. Eddie listens to Tom, and works hard to do what Tom coaches him on. Short term memory is still a big challenge for

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