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Mike's  Journal

Jim Mitchell - new University of Miami Rowing Coach

Congratulations Jim & Julie. We'll miss you and wish you well in your new coaching opportunity.

Many of you probably wonder why we keep saying that one of our goals with Eddie is to be able to  "walk 9 holes of golf again". Dorine, Eddie, & I used to do this a lot when he was growing up. Eddie & I played golf and 'Mom' walked it with us on a late weekend afternoon. It was one of the most relaxing and enjoyable times we had together as a family. Eddie kept getting better, hitting it farther, and scoring lower - it was great to watch.

Being able to do this again means a lot of things relative to Eddie's recuperation:
  -  Balance will be better
  -  Stamina will be greater
  -  Strength will be improved

  -  Eddie will be more independent
  -  He can enjoy golf more fully

We know that this is a long term goal. It has been almost 6 years since the accident. To some, the progress so far might seem small. To Dorine and me, we have seen Eddie come a great distance against significant obstacles. His balance is better and he gets stronger all the time. We even see signs of improved short term memory.

Much depends upon Eddie. We hope that we can support him to whatever extent is needed to fulfill his goals as well as our own. Eddie's second chance at life will have important impact. It already has.

The golf lessons are much improved over a year ago. Better balance is a big reason as well as his ability to better manage his emotions.

When we achieve our "special day", you will hear our shout from the 9th green !!


Bobby Jones

When asked about his crippling disease, Bobby Jones replied:

"Life is like golf.
You have to
play the ball as it lies."